My name is Dale Coghlan and this is my blog. Generally the content posted here will be related to the current field of work I am in, but as I am a bit of a car fan, the odd automobile past may find its way on here too.

I started in the IT industry as a youngster back in ’98 where I fell into some networking roles and have never looked back since. Over the years, working for private enterprise, investment banks, outsourcers, system integrators and now working for a vendor has given me experience in almost all sectors, which allows me to bring real world experience to my customers to get the best possible outcome.

I am a firm believer that I shouldn’t be doing the same thing over and over again, which is why you will often see scripts being posted on this blog, but I am no programmer and everything I produce I have learnt myself, so whilst they might not be the prettiest of code, they get the job done.

With my current role, I am lucky enough to work with many different customers, and as such, I see repeating patterns of knowledge gaps, I hope to be able to address some of these through this blog and hopefully close these knowledge gaps.

I also use this blog to keep a record of things I learn in a central location, so occasionally you may see things which may seem simple and trivial but I am just putting it somewhere so I can reference it later.

What’s with the name SneakU? Its actually something that my eldest daughter used to say when she would try to surprised me….. “I sneak you daddy”, so its kinda stuck with me ever since.



The content and opinions expressed on this blog are my own and not those of my employer. All posts provided on this site are for informational purposes only, please exercise caution if implementing anything in an production environment.