Monitoring DFW Heap Usage

When operating NSX-v DFW at scale, the recommendation from VMware on memory/heap usage per host is to stick to a maximum of around 80% usage. But then this often raises the question of how to monitor the actual memory/heap the the DFW is consuming per host. As the NSX-v Distributed […]

Log Insight & NSX-v DFW

I was recently asked by a customer who is running NSX vSphere (NSX-v) and Log Insight, is there a way they can export data from Log Insight that will give them the unique source/destination/protocol/destinationPort from the DFW logs for a given ruleId over a given time period. This exported data […]

My Python Virtual Env Setup Instructions

Seeing as though I am always building different Ubuntu virtual machines to perform various python actions on (often on different customer sites), I find myself setting up the same things over and over again. My notes for this process are normally scattered between Notepad/TextEdit and Evernote, so its about time […]

NSXv – DFW Log Format Change

In NSXv 6.2.2 and earlier, the format of the DFW logs has remained relatively the same for quite some time now. The following is a specific sample of the dfwpktlogs.log file from an NSXv 6.2.2 host.

The interesting thing about the sample logs shown above is that these are from […]

Central CLI API Update for NSX 6.2.3/6.2.4

When working on a customer site recently I was made aware that their system to use the NSX Central CLI via the API had stopped functioning. The system had stopped working when the upgrade to NSX 6.2.3 happened. Click here for my previous post on how to use the Central […]

NSX-v 6.2.3 – DFW UI Enhancements

With the recent release of NSX vSphere 6.2.3 there were a couple of subtle updates to the Distributed Firewall UI that aren’t obvious at first glance. Rule ID now shown by default. The Rule ID is now shown in the Distributed Firewall UI by default. No need to continually enable […]