NSX-v Web Central CLI 3

While NSX 6.2.x has been out for a while now, most people should be aware of the newly introduced feature called the Central CLI. I won’t go into the details of what the Central CLI is, as you can read about it on Brett Draytons blog (link). What I do […]

NSX-v: The Penny Drops

I was onsite implementing NSX-v for a customer, and part of the installation in this environment requires that we allocate the VTEP pnics to the VXLAN transport VLAN. To do this I had to liaise with the Network Operations guy. After laying it out for him that although these VTEP […]

Using PHP to query NSX-v via REST

Whilst working on a little side project of mine, I wanted to be able to submit a REST API call against a NSX Manager. At first I was just going to use shell_exec to execute one of my python scripts, but after a bit of investigation, I found that I could use the […]

NSXRAMLCLIENT on Ubuntu Issues

Following on from my last post about the NSXRAMLCLIENT, I decided to setup an Ubuntu machine dedicated to being able to run the NSXRAMLCLIENT in my home lab. Using my own instructions that I had written previously to get it up and running on my OSX 10.10.5 machine, I came across a […]

NSX vSphere RAML Client

Up until now, my programmatic interactions with the NSX API have all been hacked together based on the NSX API Guide, due to the lack of a specific NSX API scripting interface.   For typical vSphere scripting, there has been PowerCli and also pyvmomi and I am sure a few […]

NSX-v Security Policy Applied To Considerations

When working with the Service Composer in NSX-v, by default, when a firewall rule is created in a Security Policy, the firewall rule, when applied, uses the default Applied To value of Distributed Firewall. This means that even though the firewall rule is part of a security policy which is then applied to a specific security group, the rule would be pushed down to every vNIC within the clusters that have been prepared for NSX DFW capabilities and have the firewall enabled. One of the new features introduced in NSX-v 6.2 […]

NSX-v 6.2 What’s New: IP Discovery

One of the new features in NSX vSphere 6.2 is the introduction of new IP discovery mechanisms. The official release notes mentions this as follows: New IP address discovery mechanisms for VMs: Authoritative enforcement of security policies based on VM names or other vCenter-based attributes requires that NSX know the IP […]