NSX-v: Manually uninstall NSX VIBs

Due to a recent lab rebuild, I needed to manually remove the NSX VIBs that were installed on my ESXi host, and thought I would document the process so I can remember it in the future.

Removing the NSX VIBs from a host manually does not remove the configuration stored on the NSX Manager, so care needs to be taken when doing this.

Depending on the version of NSX-v installed, the number of NSX VIBs installed will vary.

For NSX-v versions prior to 6.2.x there are 3 VIBs as listed below

  • esx-dvfilter-switch-security
  • esx-vxlan
  • esx-vsip

For NSX-v versions 6.2.x and above, the esx-dvfilter-switch-security VIB (as well as the new traceflow VIB) was rolled into the esx-vxlan VIB leaving only 2 VIBs.

  • esx-vxlan
  • esx-vsip

The steps to manually uninstall the appropriate NSX-v VIBs are as follows:

Check that the VIB you want to remove is actually installed on the ESXi host.

As I was running NSX-v 6.2.1 on a ESXi 5.5 host, only 2 VIBs are installed.

To remove the VIBs, issue the following command:

Now that the VIBs have been removed, the host can be placed into Maintenance Mode and rebooted.

Update: 22/2/2016

Just putting a couple of little lines here that I often use on customer environments.

NSX 6.1.X

NSX 6.2.X


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